In this episode, The Right Take guys discuss the Republican gubernatorial field in California, Tomi Lahren’s crusade to defend Caitlyn Jenner’s honor, and the entry of JD Vance of Hillbilly Elegy fame into the Ohio senate race. For the main topic, they discuss the protests in Cuba and the reaction of conservatives, particularly Cuban Americans to the situation.


00:00 Intro

01:51 No-sense-of-humor libs keep “Own the Libs” conservatism on life support

04:55 Eric breaks down the Republican candidates in the CA recall election

16:40 Tomi Lahren bravely calls out the conservative “mob” for being … conservative

42:46 JD Vance jumps into the Ohio senate race

53:14 The Cuba situation from an American nationalist perspective



Radio host Larry Elder jumps into the California recall election: 

Tomi Lahren REALLY supports Bruce Jenner: 

Jenna Ellis calls out Tomi Lahren, and Lahren responds: 

Two excellent analyses of J.D. Vance’s Ohio Senate candidacy, and why the elites hate him so much: 

Miami mayor calls for airstrikes on Cuba:


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