In this episode, Jacob and Eric react to Simone Biles’s sudden withdrawal from the Olympics, citing “mental health” as her reasoning, and how this reflects more broadly on the new American mindset where everyone puts their own interests ahead of the common good. After breaking down a blood-boiling story about a “Catholic” charity that is renting out hotels for COVID-positive illegal aliens in Texas and letting them roam freely in small towns to infect American citizens, they turn to the main topic: A long-form exposé article in Politico about how Democrats are starting to face widespread backlash over their systemic promotion of the anti-White and anti-American Critical Race Theory.


00:00 Intro

01:12 Team USA struggles as Simone Biles sits one out

20:24 Illegals with Covid Released by Customs and Border Patrol in Texas

34:20 Main Topic: Politico sounds the distress call over Critical Race Theory in schools



American Basketball team loses first Olympic game since 2004:

Simone Biles claims “mental health” is behind her withdrawal:

“Catholic” charity in Texas rents out entire hotels exclusively for COVID-positive illegal aliens: 

Brian Kemp fails miserably, gives local school districts the power to implement mask mandates:

Politico report on how Critical Race Theory is beginning to backfire on the Left:

Why crime is no longer a winning political issue for Republicans: 

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