In this week's episode, Jacob covers the latest in the culture war for public schools in Virginia. He focuses on a heated discussion in Loudoun County over Virginia's new transgender requirements, current school board member recall efforts, and how it degenerated to this. Eric talks about Ben Shapiro's recent attack on the January 6 protesters and why conservatives should not consider him an ally. For the main topic, they discuss former Governor Andrew Cuomo's resignation over sexual harassment accusations and what it means for New York politics going forward. Should the Right consider this a win? Or is it merely a calculated distraction?



00:00 Intro

In Virginia, boys will join your daughter on the field, in the locker room, and in the bathroom, or you will pay private tuition.

29:57 Benji Shapiro calls January 6 MAGA trespassers evil and says they should rot in prison.

47:03 Main Topic: The Michael Corleone of New York Takes the Fall

48:10 Mandatory Grave-Dancing

51:24 Recap of the Road to Cuomo's Fall from Power

57:03 What does all of this mean, and is this a win for New York American politics?

01:01:23 Cui bono from Cuomo? Cuomo resigns on the day the Senate passes Biden's infrastructure package.



Multiple speeches at Loudoun County School Board meeting about transgender bathroom policy:

Second-graders in Falls Church, Virginia being taught to feel safer without police around: 

Interview with the woman behind the Fairfax County School Board recall efforts:

Ben Shapiro calls January 6th protesters “evil” on Bill Maher’s show: 

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