Who really won the presidency in 2020?

Welcome to Part I of The Right Take guys' investigation and recap of the accusations of fraud in the 2020 presidential election. They begin by covering circumstantial evidence nationwide that suggests Donald Trump should have won. They then dive swing state-by-swing state into lawsuits and investigations and the hard evidence that they produced.

In this episode, they focus exclusively on Arizona., which was the first state to attract widespread accusations of voter fraud on election night and is the only swing state to have done a forensic audit of the election. After examining the evidence, they each give their personal verdict on who won Arizona.

00:00 Intro

02:24 The 2020 Election Results as handed down

04:38 Our Methodology and Road Map for diving into this

05:10 General Circumstantial Evidence that Trump won Part 1

 - Did Voters feel better off than in 2016?

 - Which side had more enthusiasm?

 - Support in the Primaries

 - Overall Vote Totals compared with past Elections

 - Scholarly Models

21:17 Review of Key Points

22:23 General Circumstantial Evidence that Trump won Part II

 - Voter Registration Trends

 - Geographic Inconsistencies

 - Census Bureau Data Discrepancy

 - Bellweather Counties

 - Bellweather States

 - Down-ballot Factor

 - Biden’s Overperforming in four major urban Centers compared with all others

43:53 Review of Key Points

50:12 Arizona

52:17 The 2020 Arizona Election Results as handed down

52:14 Circumstanstial Evidence of Fraud in Arizona Addressed

 - Mail-voting Procedures and Ballots rejected in 2020 vs 2018

 - Maricopa County’s historic voting Pattern

 - Sharpiegate

 - Democrats lost a county-wide down-ballot race in Maricopa County.

 - Court-ordered bipartisan handwriting experts examined 100 absentee ballot signatures

01:04:18 Senate’s Fight to Audit the Results

 - Non-legislative hearing on Nov 30

 - Full legislative hearing on Dec 14

 - Subpoena of voting machines and ballots on Dec 15

 - Threats to imprison Maricopa County Board of Supervisors (MCBoS)

 - MCBoS conducts its own audits

 - MCBoS asks court to dismiss senate’s subpoena

 - Judge rules against MCBoS

 - Senate hires Cyber Ninjas to conduct the audit.

01:08:10 The Curious Case of Elliot Kerwin

01:21:20 Problems Found with Maricopa County’s Election System and Process during Audit

 - Were databases deleted right before handing machines over to senate?

 - Multiple images of duplicate (cured) ballots where there should have only been two

 - Affidavit on sloppiness in comparing mail-in ballot signatures

01:25:21 Audit Results Released

 - How the auditors classified and categorized

01:26:28 The 49,718 Questionable Votes Categorized by Discrepancy and MCBoS’s Responses

01:30:08 Other Reports: Ben Cotton’s Cyfir and Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai’s EchoMail

01:33:53 MCBoS’s Response to Dr. Shiva’s Findings

01:36:14 Dr. Shiva’s Rebuttal

01:43:10 Audit Aftermath

01:48:04 Who won Arizona? Our Verdicts


Intro/Outro Music by Karl Casey, White Bat Audio: https://www.youtube.com/c/WhiteBatAudio/featured

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