In our 60th episode, we look at Trump's highest-stakes endorsement of 2022, as he wades into the Ohio senate primary. We also examine how the DNC's alleged "people of color" coalition is sowing the seeds of its own destruction. For our main topic, we discuss Elon Musk's offer to buy Twitter in what may be the biggest Wall Street showdown of our lifetimes. How far will the Twitter board go to keep him from restoring Twitter to its former glory, and is Musk up against more than woke capital here?


00:00 Intro
04:20 Trump endorses author of Hillbilly Elegy
27:40 Democratic Hispanic identitarians butthurt over House Majority Pac endorsment 
41:54 Main Topic: Madman Elon Musk declares war on Deep State's microblog


First reports that Trump was preparing to endorse J.D. Vance in Ohio:

Chaos among Vance’s opponents in the primary after the endorsement: 

Ohio GOP establishment tried to block Trump’s endorsement of Vance: Post hack Greg Sargent whines about Vance’s America First stance on Ukraine:

Democrats turn on each other over racial representation: 

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski says it’s the media’s job to control what people think: 

A look at a company that used a "poison pill" to keep Cornelius Vanderbilt from buying a railroad in the 1860s: 


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