For this deep dive episode, Jacob and Eric take a closer look at the major reasons why California - once considered one of the bastions of the Republican Party - has fallen so far to become the leftist hellhole that it is now: From the California GOP’s failures to capitalize on anti-immigration sentiment in the 1990s, to Schwarzenegger’s support for gay marriage, and the passage of a proposition to change California’s primary system to a “jungle primary/top-two system.” They explain how each mistake led to each other and contributed to the state’s downfall, and how we can learn from California’s example to avoid making the same mistakes at the national level.

00:00 Intro - How far California has fallen

04:21 The anti-immigration Proposition 187 (1994)

15:04 Arnold Schwarzenegger and the gubernatorial recall (2003)

19:32 The pro-traditional marriage Proposition 8 (2008)

25:58 Proposition 14 and the “jungle primary” system (2010)

35:05 Conclusion - Demographics are destiny


Eric’s e-book on the downfall of California and the California Republican Party: 

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