For the second-ever interview on The Right Take, Eric talks to Kaitlin Bennett, a reporter with Liberty Hangout who first gained fame as the "Kent State gun girl," based on her college graduation photos with an AR-15 which went viral in 2018, and who now does "man-on-the-street" video interviews. Eric and Kaitlin talk about the Left's latest efforts to completely change our society, from Critical Race Theory to mainstreaming the idea of "transgenderism," and also discuss how these ideas originated on college campuses, what can be done to push back on these indoctrination efforts, and more.

00:00 Intro
05:08 How Kaitlin got started
09:15 Kaitlin's wildest "man-on-the-street" stories
14:17 How the Right failed to prevent Critical Race Theory
21:36 Are there truly any "American" values anymore?
24:00 The myth of "transgenderism"
35:05 Are people really born gay?
42:29 The cult of Fauci
44:48 What can be done about the campuses?
52:55 Is individualism good?
58:31 Can our culture be saved?
1:00:28 Is America a republic or a democracy?
1:03:04 How the Left is radicalizing everyday Americans

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