In this first episode of 2022, Eric and Jacob discuss a Catholic University professor who has decided he’s had it with the US Constitution. They also mark the first anniversary of the January 6 storming of the Capitol and note how many of those J6ers are running for office. For the main topic, they discuss leftist YouTube, or BreadTube, and its cozy relationship with the British and American governments, specifically their tax-paying subjects.


00:00 Intro

0:1:51 Catholic University professor’s broadside against our Constitution

21:32 Happy Insurrection Day! J6ers on the ballot in 2022

Main Topic: Leftist BreadTube Subsidized by your Tax Dollars

30:55 What is BreadTube?

40:47 Who are BreadTubers?

52:12 Leaked Documents: British and American taxpayers forced to fund BreadTuber

01:11:52 What’s the solution?


Eric’s article on why the Right should start celebrating January 6th:  
Leftist “Catholic” professor claims “the Constitution isn’t working:”  
Multiple January 6th protesters now running for office: 
How a leftist network of YouTubers known as “BreadTube” is being funded by taxpayer dollars:  
New York Times puff piece on Caleb Cain:  

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