With the 20th anniversary of 9/11 this week, Eric and Jacob recall their personal experiences finding out about the September 11 terrorist attacks and how America has changed since then. Jacob discusses the Taliban's victory lap and how this reflects on America's decline as a world power and nation-state. For the main topic, they discuss why the Biden administration isn't putting up much of a fight against the Supreme Court's ruling that it must revamp Trump's “Remain in Mexico” policy. A recent New York Times article lays out why some in the Biden administration are breathing a sigh of relief. Immigration has always been kryptonite for the Democrats, who win elections convincing their open-borders supporters that they support open borders while convincing their working-class supporters that the accusation is a Republican lie. How should American patriots respond to the Democrats' weakness on this issue? The Right Take guys explore this and more related to immigration.


00:00 Intro and 9/11 Tribute

11:23 Taliban cleans its streets of American graffiti

22:29 Main Topic: The Democratic Party's Kryptonite

23:54 New York Times article reveals why Biden administration thankful for SCOTUS decision on Remain in Mexico policy

33:26 What many conservatives get wrong about Americans who don't work and immigrants who do

36:32 When liberal immigration ideals clash with liberal immigration outcomes

50:37 Another thing many conservatives get wrong about Americans who don't work and immigrants who do

52:45 The lesson conservatives should take from liberals' being backed into a corner on immigration



Based Taliban cleans its streets of American imperialistic graffiti


Immigration: the Democrats' Kryptonite


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