Roe Dead!

After a brief primary election recap, we do a little jig on the grave of Roe v. Wade before diving into the legal reasoning for and against it. We also react to a little of the inevitable coping and seething mostly seethingfrom the pro-abortion crowd.


00:00 Intro

04:21 Primary Election Recaps: Nevada, South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia

18:33 Main Topic: Roe's Dead!



Democrats pathetically try to take credit for some of Trump’s primary losses: 

President Trump now has over 130 primary victories in 2022: 

Critical Legal Theory professor's revolutionary diatribe:

Legal reasoning:

Thomas: Gay sex may now be on the line!

The Court should maintain public support but also somehow be apolitical?

More than two-thirds of Americans support limitations on abortion:

Roe regime America more liberal than nearly all of Europe:

WaPo seemingly endorses threats against Justices and Robert's silly reasoning:


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