In this episode, we discuss the recent wild Republican primaries, price gouging in the age of a baby formula shortage, and a rare smackdown of feminism in California. For the main topic, we discuss Biden's agenda for chipping away American sovereignty to the World Health Organization and terrifying comments by Pfizer's CEO at the World Economic Forum, reinforcing why these global elites should have nowhere near the power they do.


00:00 Intro and Eric's monsoon experience
06:12 Elections recap and commentary
31:54 Why price gouging with baby formula is a good thing
40:23 Some rare good news out of California
48:12 Main Topic: Biden trying to hand US healthcare sovereignty over to the World Health Organization


Price gouging baby formula 
Good news in California

Pfizer's CEO's bombshell at Davos (Video) 
Politico article on Biden's ambassador to the WHO 
Politifact: "naming and shaming" 

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