In this week's episode, Eric discuss Ashli Babbit's killer, Michael Leroy Byrd, who has been identified and recently went on Lester Holt's show to brag about his accomplishment and deny any bad judgment. They discuss how he was groomed to be trigger-happy and what this means for the country. Jacob discusses Project Veritas's recent undercover sting: a Marxist Antifa teacher in Sacramento who grooms his students to become left-wing radicals.

For the main topic, they discuss what Americans on the Right should learn from America's embarrassing withdrawal from Afghanistan. Jacob discusses Biden's nosedive in the polls and why Biden doesn't think it will affect him long-term and why he might be right. They also discuss the Afghanistan Papers, the Washington Post's 2019 expose, on the waste, corruption, and deception in Afghanistan by America's military elites and what the American Right should take away from the bipartisan Afghanistan failure.



00:00 Intro

01:20 Ashli Babbit's killer brags about killing her

17:40 Project Veritas uncovers an Antifa high school civics teacher

33:19 Main Topic: The Right Take Away from America's Afghanistan Failure

35:00 Two reasons Biden doesn't care about his nosediving approval over the Afghanistan debacle

48:22 The Afghanistan Papers: Lies, deception, and corruption in Afghanistan paid for by American taxpayers



Michael Byrd, the Capitol Police officer who murdered Ashli Babbitt on January 6th, speaks out in interview with Lester Holt: 

Project Veritas video exposing Antifa teacher in Sacramento:

Joe Biden tries to move on from Afghanistan disaster: 

Congressman Mo Brooks’ appearance on Steve Bannon’s Warroom: 

Washington Post mini-documentary on The Afghanistan Papers:

ProPublica’s extensive report on the waste of American taxpayer dollars in Afghanistan:

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