In this first part of “The Roots of America's Third Reconstruction,” we look at some of the fruit of America's core ideological rot. Eric discusses the recent California recall, and Jacob discusses General Mark Milley's usurpation, the vaccine mandate, and how the conservative movement has thwarted ordinary people from mobilizing against institutional tyranny.


In part 2, on September 20, we'll dive deep into the origins of that rot. We'll look at how one family of historians helped plant the seeds in the 1930s and how a member of that family has watered them ever since.


00:00 Intro

01:00 California solidifies its downfall

12:28 Whither now goeth the California GOP?

24:11 The Californiacation of America

27:17 General Mark Milley's Usurpation

31:02 What form of government does this show America has, exactly?

38:57 What happens when a country no longer follows the constitutional chain of command: loss of bodily autonomy

41:45 Bob Woodward's Peril also shows Milley thwarted Trump from stopping the 2020 riots.

46:43 Conservatives' naive view of the Department of Defense

50:20 Why American working people can't expect help from the GOP to resist institutional tyranny



CA GOP establishment favorite Kevin Faulconer already begins lecturing Larry Elder voters after recall election fails: 

Spectator World article correctly explains how Larry Elder’s dominance is actually a win for Trumpian national populism: 

Even the LA Times admits it’s “Larry Elder’s CA GOP now:”  

Voter registration trends in California as of 2021 show GOP on the decline: 

Leftist article claims that Larry Elder threatened the “ethnic diversity” of the CA GOP: 

Former Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller says he did not authorize Mark Milley’s calls to China:

Mark Milley downplayed 2020 BLM protests and partly justified them.

Guest host for Mark Levin suggests that Americans shouldn’t protest vaccine mandates by their employers (1:43:40):


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