The Roots of AOC’s Rage

In this episode, Jacob and Eric discuss VP Kamala Harris’s recent trip to Central America and the ongoing border crisis. Eric finds a glimmer of hope for constitutional interpretation in another surprise unanimous Supreme Court ruling on immigration. Plus, our great friends at The Lincoln Project are throwing one last Hail Mary to stay relevant by throwing their lot in with Antifa in a butchered interpretation of World War II history that far too many Americans have been fed.

For the main topic, using Matt Walsh’s prank fundraiser for Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s grandmother as the backdrop, Jacob dives into what drives AOC. Is she an actual democratic socialist? Perhaps a Manchurian Marxist? And what’s the real motivation behind her crusading for a green new deal?

00:00 Intro and shoutout to The Troy Show

03:00 Border Crisis: VP Kamala Harris visits one Central American country...but skips the US border

13:32 All hope is not lost with SCOTUS

18:45 The Lincoln Project goes full Antifa in its interpretation of World War II

23:15 So...what is the correct interpretation of WWII? Why did we fight?

Main Topic: The Roots of AOC's Rage

29:03 Why is AOC the Right's Enemy #1?

33:14 The Daily Wire's Matt Walsh tries to prank AOC her money?

45:30 Is AOC a Manchurian Marxist? Is she even a socialist?

53:45 Is AOC just a Manchurian Green Party candidate?

55:46 Why is AOC obsessed with imperialism and colonialism, and how does this tie into climate change?

01:07:07 Is AOC's rage philosophical or personal?


Jacob and Eric’s appearance on The Troy Show (starts at 51:38): 

Supreme Court rules 9-0 that “temporary protected status” illegal aliens are ineligible for green cards:  

Lincoln Project promotes Antifa: 

AOC on Chuck Todd explains how she’s not exactly a socialist:

AOC’s take on “climate justice":

AOC compares the response to Hurricane Harvey to “colonialism":

AOC thinks Puerto Rico is a “colony":

AOC’s speech to the 2020 Democratic National Convention:

AOC claims Latinos are Native Americans:,

AOC says that the idea of immigration itself is White supremacy:

AOC says “where migrants go, prosperity follows,” which Newsweek backs up with biased, unrelated studies:

AOC says “trampling of indigenous rights is a cause of climate change":






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