This week, we invite a guest on to examine the collapse of Netflix after the streaming giant revealed how badly it's bleeding subscribers. We also discuss the fate of CNN+ and why the elusive, journalistic, common sense center that Chris Wallace sought, just, no longer exists today. For our main topic, we show two examples of how far activist judges have taken transgenderism in prisons and a couple of examples of this proving the slippery slope is real.


00:00 Intro 
03:30 Globalist World Order holds France...for now
07:45 Ohio Rally Recap for JD Vance
09:34 Netflix Nosedive with Seeking Alpha contributor John Manfreda
25:47 CNN+'s sensible centrist meets his match with Peppermint Patty
41:44 Main Topic: Trans Rights for jailbirds results in two pregnant inmates



John Manfreda’s articles at Seeking Alpha: 

The downfall of CNN+: 

Jen Psaki shuts down Chris Wallace’s attempted moderation on transgenderism: 

Illinois judge orders U.S. Bureau of Prisons to pay for prisoner’s transgender surgery: 

Two female inmates in New Jersey prison pregnant after ACLU lawsuit forced transfer of “transgender” prisoners into facility: 

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